TexText 0.11 for Inkscape 0.92 on MacOS


These instrcuctions refer to an installation of Inkscape via Homebrew. Please report any issues, comments or hints to https://github.com/textext/textext/issues/new

To install TexText 0.11 for Inkscape 0.92 on MacOS do the following steps:

  1. Install dependencies of TexText 0.11 for Inkscape 0.92

  2. Install TexText

Install dependencies

Install inkscape

To install using homebrew:

brew cask install inkscape

The Python modules required for the TexText GUI are already included in this Inkscape installation, see Information with respect to Python installation.

Install a pdf->svg converter

You have two options: pdf2svg (recommended) or pstoedit + ghostscript:

Install pdflatex/lualatex/xelatex

pdflatex, lualatex and xelatex are part of mactex package.

To install using homebrew:

brew cask install mactex

Install TexText

  1. Download the most recent package from GitHub release page (direct links: .zip)

  2. Extract the package and change to created directory.

  3. Run setup.py from your terminal:

    python setup.py

    The script will check if all requirements described in Install dependencies are met. If so, it will install the extension files into the user’s Inkscape configuration directory (usually this is ~/.config/inkscape/extensions). If not, instructions are given helping to fix the problem.


    Ignore any messages about missing PyGTK packages! (Issue 31)


    If you would like to skip the requirement checks during installation call the script from the command line as follows:

    python setup.py --skip-requirements-check

Information with respect to Python installation


Homebrew’s Inkscape uses MacOS’s system Python interpreter in /usr/bin independently of any other installed Python interpreter (e.g. from Homebrew). The packages required for the GUI of TexText are already included in the Homebrew installation of Inkscape.

If the extension does not work despite this fact or installation fails please report this to https://github.com/textext/textext/issues/new

Thank you!