Advanced installation options

The / setup_win.bat installation script offers several options to adapt the installation process to your system configuration:

-h, --help

Show help message and exit.

--inkscape-extensions-path INKSCAPE_EXTENSIONS_PATH

Path to inkscape extensions directory. Use this if the user extensions are installed in an unusual place.

--inkscape-executable INKSCAPE_EXECUTABLE

Full path to inkscape executable. Use this if Inkscape 1.x is not found automatically by the setup script (Test- or Beta-installations).

--pdflatex-executable PDFLATEX_EXECUTABLE

Full path to pdflatex executable.

--lualatex-executable LUALATEX_EXECUTABLE

Full path to lualatex executable.

--xelatex-executable XELATEX_EXECUTABLE

Full path to xelatex executable.


Windows only: If you use Inkscape from PortableApps use this parameter to specifiy the directory into which PortableApps has been installed, e.g. C:\Users\YourUserName\PortableApps. It ensures that TexText for Inkscape 1.x is installed correctly into the PortableApps structure.


If you also have your LaTeX distribution installed in PortableApps you need to specify the paths to the latex executables by using the --pdflatex-executable and/or --lualatex-executable and/or --xelatex-executable arguments.


Bypass minimal requirements check. TexText for Inkscape 1.x will be installed even if the requirements for running it are not meat.


Don’t install extension (just check the requirements).


Keep/discard files from previous installation, suppress prompt.


Install globally for all users (sudo/ admin privileges required)


Usually, this works well. However, you should keep in mind that the TexText for Inkscape 1.x files are copied into Inkscape’s global extension folder, hence cluttering your Inkscape installation. You may need to remove these files manually when you uninstall Inkscape.

--color always, --color never

Enables/disable console colors.