TexText 0.11 for Inkscape 0.92 on Linux

To install TexText 0.11 for Inkscape 0.92 on Linux do the following steps:

  1. Install dependencies of TexText 0.11 for Inkscape 0.92

  2. Install TexText

Install dependencies

Install inkscape


Do not use Inkscape from Canonical’s snap package management! If you have it installed via snap uninstall it via snap remove inkscape and install it via the classic way: sudo apt-get install inkscape. This problem affects ALL Inkscape extensions!

To install on Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install inkscape

Install python2.7

Make sure that a Python 2.7 distribution is installed and found by your system (usually installed by the package python2.7).

To install on Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install python2.7


On recent systems default Python interpreter is python3 which is incompatible with current version of TexText 0.11 for Inkscape 0.92 (and other Inkscape extensions). You need to configure Inkscape such that it still uses python2. To check which is your default Python interpreter run python --version in a terminal. If this command does not return Python version 2.7.x consult instructions to configure Inkscape properly: Set Inkscape python interpreter to Python2.

Install GUI library

Install the Python bindings for the graphical user interface of TexText 0.11 for Inkscape 0.92. You have two options: PyGTK2 (recommended) or Tkinter:

Install a pdf->svg converter

Again you have two options: pdf2svg (recommended) or pstoedit + ghostscript:

Install pdflatex/lualatex/xelatex

pdflatex and lualatex are part of texlive-base package. The xelatex resides in texlive-xetex package

To install pdflatex and lualatex on Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install texlive-base

To install xelatex on Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install texlive-xetex


If you have for some reason the Linux MiKTeX distribution installed make sure that automatic package installation is either set to Never install missing packages on-the-fly or set to Always install missing packages on-the-fly, see Manage your TeX installation with MiKTeX Console.

Install TexText

  1. Download the most recent package from GitHub release page (direct links: .zip, .tar.gz)

  2. Extract the package and change to created directory.

  3. Run setup.py from your terminal:

    python2 setup.py

    The script will check if all requirements described in Install dependencies are met. If so, it will install the extension files into the user’s Inkscape configuration directory (usually this is ~/.config/inkscape/extensions). If not, instructions are given helping to fix the problem.


    If you would like to skip the requirement checks during installation call the script from the command line as follows:

    python2 setup.py --skip-requirements-check